Asbestos in creek surrounding Huron.

Monday 28 January 2013 03:20:00 PM

Location: Huron, California

Categorie: Toxic Substances


Huron residents are concerned that the asbestos in the creek surrounding Huron may have become more concentrated since the soil was last sampled. We'd like DTSC or another agency to take new soil samples to check the intensity of the asbestos. Up the creek is a Rockery that is always disturbing the soil, which then releases more asbestos, and when it rains it gets washed to Huron. Due to the above ground canal it floods and therefore accumulates more of the natural contaminant, which is a threat when it becomes airborne. Dust in the community of Huron is always a problem and the concern is that the dust is composed of airborne "friable" asbestos. This is a toxic substance.

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