Many Cars Stored On Residential Property

Wednesday 30 May 2018 09:27:37 AM

Location: 6745 East Liberty Avenue, Fresno, CA, USA

Categorie: Toxic Substances


This property was recently purchased by new owners. What once was a well maintained property is now blighted. There is a large garage, most likely once used for a recreational vehicle. It's now used as an auto shop. In the location where the red marker rests, to the right of the large garage (when viewed using the aerial image, from the street, to the left of the garage), there are multiple vehicles stored. The resident put blue plastic over the fence to hide the vehicles from view. Prior, before the property was sold, there was no barricade over the fence. My concern is, especially if these are old vehicles, there can be oil or gas leaking into the soil. Fresno City code does not allow vehicles to be parked on soil. They must be parked on concrete or on the street. I don't know Fresno County's code on this, however, environmentally, storing vehicles on soil is probable soil pollution.

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