Chronic Residential Wood-Burning

Saturday 9 December 2017 09:47:07 AM

Location: 5970 E Park Circle Dr, Fresno, CA 93727, USA

Categorie: Air


SJVAPCD say residence has permanent "sole source of heat" exemption because home owner represented that they'd removed prior existing heater, and therefore the home has no other source of heat. PG&E says residence has current natural gas service. Zoning violation complaint was submitted via fax to County of Fresno in late 20 12 and again on 21. August of 2013 when the County said they had no record of the complaint. County of Fresno said removal of an existing heater would not have been permitted. County of Fresno subsequently promised via telephone to follow up in coordination with SJVAPCD. Ryan Hayashi, with SJVAPCD compliance, subsequently telephoned and promised coordination with County of Fresno. Neither agency made any subsequent attempt to contact me. Wood-burning has been observed at this address in subsequent years.



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