Gar Tootelian Chemical Plant Fire

Sunday 6 August 2017 05:28:24 PM

Location: 22281-22999 E South Ave, Reedley, CA 93654, USA

Categorie: Toxic Substances


4 alarm fire at the Gar Tootelian agricultural chemical plant. Explosions reported. Huge black smoke plume photographed. Winds carried an acrid smelling smoke eastward. We smelled it in Squaw Valley as did other community members. What chemicals burned and what health and environmental impacts will result? We're these fertilizers, pesticides? Will these residues now be present in water, air, soil, on food crops? What about people who were working on the fire or were outdoors and breathing these fumes. I hope there will be an environmental impact investigation for the health and safety of everyone in Reedley and the surrounding communities. Video and photos can be found at:

Administrator Comment:

Thank you for submitting your report . We were informed by the Environmental Health Division that they received a call regarding the fire, but their records indicated that it was just a shop fire and no chemicals were involved. If you have further concerns about this incident, we encourage you to contact Gustavo Gomez who works for the Environmental Health Division of the Department of Public Health. He can be reached at: 559-600-3271.


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